We use a step by step treatment plan for water damage problems. Our solutions work for nearly any cause of water damage.

  1. Assessment Of The Damage

The first step we take in the restoration process is the assessment of the damage. Assessment is conducted to know the extent of the damage caused and also to give us a hint on how to start the restoration process. This is helpful in budgeting and also in knowing the right equipment that we need to deal with the problem at hand.

Assessment incorporates surveying the whole structure so as to see which other areas have been affected. Ceilings and floors are going to be assessed as well as checking on the walls and the water tank too.

  1. Finding And Fix The Leak

The next step involves the location of the leak and repairing it to prevent further water loss. Locating a leak in your system is the most enduring task, but it is the foundation of the damage restoration process.

During the assessment of your ceiling, wall, floor and the whole water system, we take note of places that seem to be moister than others. These form the basis of our checkpoints for the leaks. We check on these areas and ensure there is no leak at all before we proceed.

If a leak is detected, we arepair it as soon as possible. Sometimes the leak may be more pronounced and may compel us to pull down the structure, in the case of pipes and tanks and make necessary replacements.

Once done, we switch off all outlets and check on the meter to see if there is still any leaks. Our main agenda is to ensure that no water goes to waste at all.

  1. Extraction Of The Water

Once we have fixed the leak and sure that there is no more water leaking, we then move to extract the water that has built up. This water if left may cause further damage to your house structure in addition to being a health hazard.

In extraction, we have heavy duty water pumps that help in draining away this water efficiently and in such a short time.  If the accumulation is not that much, some lightweight, water clearing can be practiced to clear it up.

When there is a lot of water, we are going to use our powerful equipment to rid of this accumulation. An example is where you have water accumulated in your basement which is very hard to rid without the proper equipment.

Our pumps get rid of the water and we ensure that the place is water-free as needed for restoration.

  1. Removal Of Items

We are also going to remove items from your house to give room for restoration. The items, if damaged, are going to be discarded while the others may be stored in your store or any other safe place. Restoration is intricate hence it needs a lot of space in your house for it to be done effectively.

  1. Structural Drying

Extraction of water may have you thinking that the place is dry and ready for restoration, false. The foundation and walls suck up a lot of water and the extracted volume is just the surplus that could not be further absorbed.

We have the right set of equipment for structural drying that gets rid of the moisture content in the structure of your house. These are drying and dehumidifying equipment that ensures your structure becomes as dry as it used to be before the event.

We also have the best monitoring equipment to check on the progress of drying to ensure that it reaches the needed standards.

  1. Cleaning

The place needs to be in order for the final restoration process, hence it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. This incorporates cleaning of the floor, walls and removing any dirt that is present in the house.

With the best equipment at our disposal, we ensure that your house is very clean for us to proceed to the next step.

  1. Restoration

With your house sound in structure and cleanliness without any flaws, we now go to restoring it to its former glory. With our vast experience in repairs and home rejuvenation, we are going to carry out the necessary repairs and fixtures as well as repairs to ensure your home is back to its feet.

Other additions such as painting are also catered for depending on how you prefer it. The endgame is that you get your house back to its former situation or even better.

We may bring on board other professionals such as information technology guys where the need arises. This is for repairs that are not within our niche such as those to do with computer and surveillance systems.

Once done with the restoration, we are going to do another assessment to ensure that everything is working all fine.

Restorations ensure that your house, after the water damage is all sound structurally and aesthetically. It also puts you at minimal risk of the perils associated with water damage such s electrical faults and health hazards from water accumulation.

In case of any changes needed in the restoration, you may contact us for further information.

Problems that arise with water damage

Water damage comes with a lot of perils on its tail and may cause a chain of damages if not properly checked. Some of the issues that you may encounter in case of water damage are as follows.

  • Increased Water Bills

Water damage in most cases will lead to the loss of water in the case of burst water tanks or pipes. This leads to water leaking out, this water loss has the effect of pushing up your water bills. These are unwarranted costs as you have not consumed the water that has leaked out.

  • Risk Of Electrical Faults

With damaged water lines, you stand on the risks of facing some electrical faults. Water is a conductor of electricity, so if there is a water leak, you are or the risk of electrical faults such as blackouts, damage to electrical appliances and even fire.

  • Structural Damage

You may also face structural damage to your house where the water interferes with your building structure. It may weaken the structure by causing disintegration of the stone structure due to water logging. It may also promote decay of wood that may make your home structurally unsound.

  • Mold

When things get wet and dirty, mold is just around the corner. From furniture to wall cavities to carpets and ceilings, it can happen everywhere. Besides looking terrible, it can also be bad for your health.