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Need a Water Damage Restoration Company in Pasadena fast?

Do you have water damage and do you need help with it? Would you like your home or office to be returned to before the nightmare hit you? At Assurance Water Solutions we will help you out quickly and urgently.

The most important to hire us:

  • 24/7 emergency service
    We are available, when you need it.
  • Laser specific detection
    You can’t fix, what you don’t know. With the latest IR technology, we find the source of your problem!
  • Fast drying
    Besides the latest technology for detection, we also use top tier equipment for the drying phase, speeding up the process as fast as possible.
  • Back to original
    We do whatever it takes to bring your home or office back to its original situation as much as possible.
  • Customer service
    We understand water damage has a huge impact on you. We will listen to your needs and take time to answer your questions.

Which services do we offer?

Both residential and commercial

Services Offered

Over the years, we have perfected our procedures for water damage restoration.  We have the technical know-how and a wide arsenal of tools to make the drying quicker and easier.  Water leaks need not be hard to decipher.  All you need is an experienced water restoration contractor like Assurance Water Solutions.  We offer various options to our clients along with the advices on how to save on the restoration procedures.  We cater all types of restoration and repairs, starting from a simple leak from broken water pipes to disaster-related flooding.  We will extract water out of your home and we will make sure that everything is in place.

Water Damage Repair

If not immediately addressed, water damage can have a great impact on your finances due to repair costs and on your health as well.  The damage can alter the way you move around the house.  Your access to your house is therefore restricted due to possible health risks.  It should be attended to by a specialist the soonest time possible.  Other water restoration companies will promise everything to get you sign a contract but only Assurance Water Solutions can deliver the drying and restoration quickly and accurately.  Our water restoration repair service is unparalleled by any contractor in town.

Emergency Services

Assurance Water Solutions is the “911” of water-related emergencies.  When your water pipe system at home suddenly bursts or storm overflows your drainage causing damage, just give us a call and our well-trained technicians will quickly assess your situation and apply the best solution to stop water from reaching your valuable things.  Our lines are open 24 hours every day to respond to your emergency.  We will secure your home by applying the latest techniques in water containment to avoid further damages to your property.  Our quick response service remains unmatched by any other company offering the same services.  We will never leave you until the last drop of water is removed.


Common Causes of Water Damage

The most common causes of water damage are, heavy rain, overflowing bathtubs, malfunctioning drainage and most commonly, a broken pipeline.  Water from these sources will easily wet your things or your electrical appliances and could cause malfunctions later on. We are also often called for flood damage restoration. It’s better to have a regular check-up to avoid these circumstances.  Assurance Water Solutions provides thorough check up by doing a careful examination of your water sources.  Once a leak is discovered, we will immediately perform repair to prevent water from moving out into your things.

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At Assurance Water Solutions we do whatever it takes to turn your water damage nightmare into the beautiful property you had before disaster struck. Our friendly team of specialists is ready to help you out. Contact us today if you need a water damage restoration company in the Pasadena and surrounding areas.
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Pasadena is also called the City of Roses not because of its ability to produce the said flower.  The nickname is credited to its founders who were from the rose-growing regions in the Midwest.  Yearly, the city holds their famous New Year’s Day Rose parade and Rose Bowl Game which was originally celebrated to commemorate their founders.  Being the 40th largest city in California, Pasadena is home to 142,647 people based on the 2017 national statistics. It is a good place to go to for relaxation, dining and comedy bars.  A flea market is opened during the Rose Bowl tournament held during the first day of the year. During this time, the population of the city increases by 25% due to the arrival of tourists from different places.

The city lies at the center of the Gold Line rail system which makes accessible if you will be coming from San Gabriel Valley and Eastern Los Angeles.  The city also has a public bus transportation system called PARTS which stands for Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System.  The said bus company was established in 1994, on the exact date of the World Cup when it was held at the Rose Bowl.

An average house in Pasadena is priced at $570 per square foot, one of the most expensive housing in all of LA county.  The city has a record of 1 crime for every 39 people based on latest statistics and is considered 23% safer than other cities in the U.S.

Pasadena is home to many popular artists.  Just recently, Meryl Streep purchased a property worth $3.6 million together with her husband.  Mandy Moore, upon break-up with her ex-husband Ryan Adams, decided to have a home here which she purchased at $2.6 million.