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Need a Water Damage Restoration Company in Glendale fast?

Do you have water damage and do you need help with it? Would you like your home or office to be returned to before the nightmare hit you? At Assurance Water Solutions we will help you out quickly and urgently.

The most important to hire us:

  • 24/7 emergency service
    We are available, when you need it.
  • Laser specific detection
    You can’t fix, what you don’t know. With the latest IR technology, we find the source of your problem!
  • Fast drying
    Besides the latest technology for detection, we also use top tier equipment for the drying phase, speeding up the process as fast as possible.
  • Back to original
    We do whatever it takes to bring your home or office back to its original situation as much as possible.
  • Customer service
    We understand water damage has a huge impact on you. We will listen to your needs and take time to answer your questions.

Which services do we offer?

Both residential and commercial

Services Offered

Natural calamities like storm and flood can causes undesirable water damage in your home.  The walls, ceiling and the floor are the most affected parts of the house.  And the problem gets worse when no immediate remedy is applied.  Water can penetrate concrete thru small holes and cracks on the roof during a heavy downpour.  Have it fixed by our experienced technicians.  Assurance Water Solutions is a reputable company that offers prevention and restoration from water damage.  We recognize the urgency of every situation so we will be there on time. We will restore your home with special attention to the dehumidification process.   This process is vital in every restoration procedure because it removes all water, even from places that you wouldn’t expect or where you can’t see it, such as the structure of your home.

Water Damage Restoration

Water is considered as one of the most destructive elements inside a home next to fire.  But unlike fire, the damages made by water can be restored and repaired using specialized techniques and tools that only seasoned water damage contractors can provide. At Assurance Water Solutions, we provide 5 star water damage repair with special attention to water extraction and drying.  We have professional technicians who went through extensive restoration trainings. Our returning customers are our testament that we are the most trusted water damage repair company in the neighborhood.  Our experience is very evident on the quality of work we provide.

Emergency Services

Water pipes can crack and start leaking without warning due to extreme water pressure or weak linkages in the piping system.  When it happens, the best thing to do is to call for professional help to avoid unnecessary damages to your property.  When water gets into your things, retrieving them is a load of work.  Armed with advanced techniques and equipment, Assurance Water Solutions will be right at your doorstep immediately to help you stop the water from reaching places.  We will stop the leak and dry your home completely. In such emergencies, no other company can outdo our quick response team.   When every second counts, you can count on us!

Common Causes of Water Damage

When you experience water leaks, it could be coming from a damaged water pipe or a clogged drainage.  It could also come from an overflowing bathtub or a flooded basement.  The best way to check is to hire a professional water damage company to look into the innermost parts of your water system.  Assurance Water Solutions is equipped with the appropriate tools and experience to do just that.  We can locate the leak to give you peace of mind right away.  We will also check other possible sources like the water pump and the septic tank to make sure that everything is good condition.

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At Assurance Water Solutions we do whatever it takes to turn your water damage nightmare into the beautiful property you had before disaster struck. Our friendly team of specialists is ready to help you out. Contact us today if you need a water damage restoration company in the Glendale and surrounding areas.
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