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Need a Water Damage Restoration Company in the Downey area fast?

Do you have water damage and do you need help with it? Would you like your home or office to be returned to before the nightmare hit you? At Assurance Water Solutions we will help you out quickly and urgently.

The most important to hire us:

  • 24/7 emergency service
    We are available, when you need it.
  • Laser specific detection
    You can’t fix, what you don’t know. With the latest IR technology, we find the source of your problem!
  • Fast drying
    Besides the latest technology for detection, we also use top tier equipment for the drying phase, speeding up the process as fast as possible.
  • Back to original
    We do whatever it takes to bring your home or office back to its original situation as much as possible.
  • Customer service
    We understand water damage has a huge impact on you. We will listen to your needs and take time to answer your questions.

Which services do we offer?

Both residential and commercial

Services Offered

As a trusted water damage repair company, we make sure that we always give our best service to our clients no matter how big or small the problem can be.  Our wide variety of resources, starting from a simple tool to our experienced technicians, are enough to respond to all types of water damage problems.  We will dry your home by removing moisture even from the most isolated structural parts of the house.  We will identify the source of the water damage, apply the necessary repairs to stop the leak and repair your home.  Our solutions are long-lasting so it’s an assurance that you get what you pay for.


Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be one of the most expensive repairs around the house with ceilings and hard wood floor water damage occurring quite regularly.  Water could come from a broken pipe or from a hole on the roof and it will run down your valuables.  You must have a specialist check it for you before it’s too late.  We are a leading water damage repair company in our local area.  We specialize in drying the damage areas of your house with strict attention to water-absorbing materials like carpets and woods.

When the house is completely dry, we perform the sanitation process to ensure the safety of your family.


Emergency Services

When water crawls out of nowhere, consider yourself in an emergency.  A leak, no matter how weak, can destroy your belongings.  It can also damage your flooring and furniture gradually. Assurance Water Solutions is ready to respond.  Our trained professionals will provide emergency service anytime, anywhere.  We will make sure that all vital points are checked to get to the bottom of the problem.

Water removal process will be easier with our close monitoring and documentation of the whole process.  We will be at your doorsteps immediately after your call to help you all throughout until your problem is solved.


Common Causes of Water Damage

Majority of water leaks begin as a bit of water commonly from a broken pipe.  You’ll never know until it starts to show on your ceiling or walls.  Apart from that, clogged drains or gutters and overflowing sink or bath tub could be a contributory factor.  Unless all of it is thoroughly checked, you are not 100% sure that water will crawl again out of nowhere.  Our company does not discount all the possible sources of water leaks.  Our experts will check all points around the house from a simple faucet to your septic tank to your dishwasher and washing machine with our specialized thermal cameras.

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At Assurance Water Solutions we do whatever it takes to turn your water damage nightmare into the beautiful property you had before disaster struck. Our friendly team of specialists is ready to help you out. Contact us today if you need a water damage restoration company in the Downey and surrounding areas.
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There are some interesting facts about the Downey city.  It is home to the oldest yet operational McDonald’s restaurant in the world.  It is also the breeding ground of all Apollo space explorations which aimed to have the first man on the moon.  The mission ran from 1961 to 1972.  The first successful landing of man happened in 1969.

Downey city has a total population of 113,092 individuals and is ranked as the 53rd largest city in California.  The city is basically a mixture of different cultures of Americans, Asians, Latino and Spanish.  Surprisingly, the most common language being used by the locals is Spanish.

Moving around the city is easy with DowneyLink, a public bus transport which has four different routes all within the city.  The fare is 50 cents for each trip regardless of the distance.  However, its drivers are not programmed to give change so bringing an exact amount will greatly reduce the hassle.

An property in Downey is priced at $577,500 or $381 per square foot.  At present, there are at least 32,795 houses and apartments built within the city.  Downey is a good place to live in but the crime rate of 32.09 per 1,000 people which is slightly higher than the rest of LA county should be considered.

The famous siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter had their small beginnings here at Downey.  Their family moved in here in 1963 where they eventually formed their world-famous group called The Carpenters.  For art lovers, the city has its own museum known as the Downey Museum of Art which was established in 1955 by Alice Woodrow.  It has a wide variety of paintings, artworks, and masterpieces of famous local artists.