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Need a Water Damage Restoration Company in Anaheim fast?

Do you have water damage and do you need help with it? Would you like your home or office to be returned to before the nightmare hit you? At Assurance Water Solutions we will help you out quickly and urgently.

The most important to hire us:

  • 24/7 emergency service
    We are available, when you need it.
  • Laser specific detection
    You can’t fix, what you don’t know. With the latest IR technology, we find the source of your problem!
  • Fast drying
    Besides the latest technology for detection, we also use top tier equipment for the drying phase, speeding up the process as fast as possible.
  • Back to original
    We do whatever it takes to bring your home or office back to its original situation as much as possible.
  • Customer service
    We understand water damage has a huge impact on you. We will listen to your needs and take time to answer your questions.

Which services do we offer?

Both residential and commercial

Services Offered

Undetected water after a leak or an overflow will immensely take toll on your home especially if it remains unnoticed for a long period of time. Wet and damp areas are the favorite thriving spots of molds.  Molds produce chemicals that create unpleasant odor so it’s important to detect their breeding ground before they start flourishing.  Our water damage restoration services at Assurance Water Solutions remains the top choice of the customers.  We don’t just dry your home, we make sure that its clean and properly sanitized.  We will locate all possible breeding areas of air contaminants to destroy it.


Water Damage Restoration

When a water pipes suddenly bursts or when flood hits your home, the next headache will be the clean-up.  Debris can be found anywhere.  It’s better to find a trusted name in water damage restoration to do the dirty work for you.  Doing it on your own can be painstaking.  Assurance Water Solutions is the best out there in terms of water damage repair.  We fix all types of damages brought by different factors.  From a simple clogged drain to a flood brought by natural calamities, we provide restoration services.  Our trusted specialists will document the drying process until the last drop is removed.

Emergency Services

Time is very crucial when experiencing a water leak problem.  Finding the source of the leak will consume much of your time.  Water will always find a way out and it could go towards your important documents and electrical connections.  The next thing you’ll know is that you are already in the middle of a disaster.


Assurance Water Solutions is a fast and professional water restoration company you can depend on in emergency situations like this.  With the use of our advanced water extraction equipment, water will disappear in no time. Your call matters to us.  We will respond quickly anytime of the day.


Common Causes of Water Damage

Commonly, water damage is caused by water pipe leaks that cause water to crawl to places without you noticing it.  Flooded basements, clogged drainage and overflowing sink contribute to the damages to your property.  The second most common occurrence are external events such as stormy water in combination with faulty drainage. When water overflows, it goes out of hand but you can minimize the damages by hiring a professional contractor that can provide excellent restoration and dehumidification services.  That’s what we do at Assurance Water Solutions.  We provide quality restoration with special procedures for the prevention of molds.  Molds are the next things that may show up after a water damage so it’s important to thoroughly dry your home to avert its growth.

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At Assurance Water Solutions we do whatever it takes to turn your water damage nightmare into the beautiful property you had before disaster struck. Our friendly team of specialists is ready to help you out. Contact us today if you need a water damage restoration company in the Anaheim Area.
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Anaheim was incorporated in 1876. At the time, it was part of the Los Angeles County and was the second city to be incorporated. Orange County was split off from Los Angeles County in 1889 and Anaheim then became part of the newly created Orange County. This city covers an area of 131.90km2. 1.57km2of this area is covered by water. Anaheim has the second largest land area and is the most populous city in Orange County. In California, it is the 10th most populous. It is estimated to have a population of 352,044.

Anaheim is well known as home to the Anaheim Ducks, an ice hockey club, and the Los Angeles Angels, a baseball team. The Disneyland Resort and the Anaheim Convention Centre are landmarks many people talk about when asked about this city. Disneyland was unveiled in 1955. Before then, this area was largely agricultural. Disneyland opened the doors of development in this city. Hotels, motels and residential properties were put up soon after. Besides the commercial developments, industrial centres were also introduced. Electronics, canned fruit, and aircraft parts are some of the products produced in Anaheim.

The median value of homes in this city is $596,700 while the median rent is $2,700. This city has diverse carefully planned communities that are uniquely situated in different sections of the city. Anaheim hills is located on the eastern side of the city. It is mainly occupied by the affluent. Downtown Anaheim has three mixed-use historic districts which include the Anaheim Colony. Anaheim Resort is a commercial district and is home to Disneyland Resort. The Platinum Triangle surrounds Angel Stadium and has mixed-use streets and high-rise buildings. Anaheim Canyon is an industrial district.